Favorite Books of 2015

I managed to read 56 books in 2015, and goodreads put together this nice little overview of my reading. That is the most books I have read in a year since I signed up for Goodreads in 2012. I didn’t set out to read that many and a couple series I picked up definitely helped…


Snail Mail My Email V

  Snail Mail My Email V kicks off today and this year will be my second year as a volunteer letter writer. Last year, I had a lot of fun creating letters as requested in the submissions that were sent my way, and I tried to fulfill each request as best as I could. Submit…

chocolate muffins

Triple Chocolate Oat Muffins

Yes, triple chocolate and healthy! Ever since my Road to Inches coach, Amber shared the original version of this recipe with me, I have made these every time I’ve finished a batch. They are perfect for snacks between meals and fit perfectly in my lunch box. What I love the most is that are very quick…

eggs with vegetables

In love with Breakfast

I love breakfast. I never thought I would ever feel that way. Sure, I’ve always loved breakfast foods, but actually making myself breakfast every morning was not something I ever made an effort to do. My excuses were always along the lines of “I don’t have time”, “I’m not awake enough before I leave the…

Plant assortment

First Time Garden Adventures

Growing up, my mom always had a garden of some type, but I was never really interested in them and somehow managed to kill some of my indoor plants (horrible, I know). My thoughts on gardens have changed quite a bit and since we moved into a place that actually gives me the option to…

Astro Ice Cream

Astronaut Ice Cream

For the past four weeks, I have had the joy of receiving the LWA RSVP Space themed mailings as curated by the truly awesome Donovan. In one of the mailings, I was dared to either eat or slap on a label and mail some astronaut ice cream. It was very tempting to try it myself (I’ve…

84 Charing Cross Road

84, Charing Cross Road

One of my favorite things about the LWA is that there is now a book club. How awesome is that?! The first book we read was 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff, a series of letters exchanged between Helene and Frank Doel (and a few others) of a bookstore at 84, Charing Cross Road.…