>Diversion From Life

>Does it ever seem to you that life gets in the way of life?

There are certain obligations that we all need to fulfill on a daily basis. As a student those obligations are for the most part class, homework, and work. While it cannot be denied that these obligations are enjoyable and fulfill a certain need in life, I can’t escape the feeling that sometimes they consume too much time. A routine sets in and before you know it life has become these obligations off-set by parties or just doing nothing on the weekends and daily travel is from your dorm/apartment/house to class and back.

Experiencing something new and unrelated to school, work or partying can be a welcomed diversion and distraction from the norm, while fulfilling a need that has gone unmet.
Such a fulfillment could be a hobby put off to the side due to lack of time, a trip to the museum, or just a picnic in the park with friends.

Last weekend, my diversion from the norm came in the form of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Time to reconnect with a friend and enjoy the weather was mine for the taking as we enjoyed the Japanese culture.

Making the time to enjoy a hobby or anything else of interest gives you the chance to relax, and experience new sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. You might meet new people or reconnect with others. It is a very important part of life as it gives you the chance to renew your energy and passion for those things done on a daily basis. So, go out and explore what Philadelphia and near-by cities have to offer and enjoy life.

-Nicolle Morales Kern

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