>If Pigs Could Fly

>If pigs could fly, they would probably catch the swine flu too.

But guess what, I have the solution. I know what the cause of the “swine” flu is…a little boy licked the nose of a pig and the pandemonium started.

A person I know cited this as the reason for Influenza A (H1N1). Who knows maybe it’s true, but it seems more that this piece of gossip is the result of speculation on something we know very little about. When we are faced with a “life-threatening” situation and are bombarded with update son the situation on a continuous basis, but are not given all of the facts then we grasp at anything that places the blame somewhere. This need to understand immediately every aspect of every situation has led to the creation of media hype that gives us the impression that we are learning something new.

On the contrary, all this does is cause hysteria among the masses. It would not be the first time that we have stood before a world-wide “pandemic”. Remember SARS, the Avian Flu and Mad Cow Disease? All three were hailed in the media as one of the worst cases of anything to attack society, but as time shows we are still alive.

Does this mean that the newest flu strain isn’t dangerous? No. But it does mean that we shouldn’t concentrate solely on this topic. Taking common sense measures can help in your protection: wash your hands after eating, after using the bathroom (something quite a few people still don’t do), after blowing your nose etc.

Amidst all of this commotion we cannot forget that there are still other pressing issues in the world. Remember the drug-related violence and kidnappings occurring in Mexico a few weeks ago? Stories such as the H1N1 virus may take over the news, but it doesn’t mean everything else disappears.

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