>Coronas and Lime

>Coronas, margaritas, sombreros…oh my!
This past Tuesday, May 5, the advertisements for Cinco de Mayo parties could be found in newspapers, online and on the radio. Some celebrations don’t even kick off until this weekend. As with St. Patrick’s Day, the U.S. has quickly adopted Cinco de Mayo as an unofficial holiday and many revel in the drink specials that bars offer in honor of the day.
Without a doubt, the ever-growing diversification of the U.S. opens up new worlds and cultures. Cinco de Mayo should pique people’s interest in the meaning of the celebration and the significance it has for Mexicans. Defeating a foreign army that has invaded your country for the sole purpose of making your country theirs is a source of pride and a show of resilience of the people. Even though the Mexicans lost the war to the French, the Battle at Puebla in 1862 is a demonstration of resilience.
To reduce this important day to another excuse for drinking is ignorant and rude. There is nothing wrong with celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but at least make the effort to find out why and pay tribute to the victory of a people. Even go out of your way and find out what dishes and drinks are served on this day.

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