>With Love, Philadelphia

>The City of Brotherly is awakening to fight the signs of recession and entice visitors from the Tri-State area and around the world into its loving arms.

Summer is fast approaching and the question on people’s minds is where to go to escape daily life and have some much needed fun. Travel is rarely cheap and during times of hardship people look for local affordable attractions

But what is it that attracts visitors to an area?

One aspect that is important in travel is how potential visitors are lured into the magic of a city and if the city is able to market its assets correctly. In an effort to speak to travelers who are no longer looking for luxury vacations in far away places, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC) has combined Philly’s sights, humor and love to grab the attention of travelers.

The new and innovative campaign speaks directly to potential visitors through a series of letters addressed to a specific audience and are signed With Love, Philadelphia XOXO™.

“We’ve sort of given Philadelphia a personality and what better way to express everything Philadelphia has to offer than through letters,” Eric Cortes, GPTMC’s Communications Coordinator, says.

Starting May 18 and through September, letters from Philly (of which there are 54 in total) will be found on billboards, transit stations, street banners throughout the Tri-State area, as well as in national magazines and online. Love will also be sent through the airwaves and television, for those who miss the written versions. The ads have also been translated into Spanish, German, Italian and French to send love throughout the world.

The letters address Philadelphia’s historical and cultural sights, nightlife, gay life shopping areas, and family oriented activities among others.

“The letters act as an invitation and center on a specific Philadelphia experience,” Cortes says.

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