>Open Your Eyes and Mind

>“Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.” These are the words of President Abraham Lincoln.

When did we stop caring about our fellow Americans? Why are we so blind to things that do not “directly” affect our lives?

To think that the work of the military has not or does not affect our lives directly is a big misconception. The military is an integral part of our society and it always has been. You may not always agree with the reason that we were/ are in the wars we are, but the soldiers fighting these wars are just doing what their country expects of them. Countless soldiers have lost their lives fighting to ensure liberty and freedom, two concepts we as a country pride ourselves in.

The month of May, as stated on the Memorial Day Foundation web site, is supposed to be dedicated to commemorating the men and women who have lost their lives in all American wars in the fight for freedom and liberty. The last Monday in May is a national holiday. However, as mentioned in my article there has been no coverage of this day or any display of observance in Philadelphia.

Admittedly, I find it hard to comprehend why this day is seen as just another day off, a reason to have BBQs, go to the beach or just be lazy. Memorial Day is not just another adopted holiday, it is a part of our history and to overlook the dedication of the men and women in service is to disrespect everyone that has come before them. Students and staff I talked to mentioned that many Drexel students do not pay attention to Memorial Day (or possibly even know its meaning) because they do not have anyone significant in their lives who is in the Armed Forces. But is that really a good excuse, just because you do not know anyone in the military you do not pay respect? To me this is a sign of ignorance and a waning sense of patriotism.

The regular citizen can not begin to imagine what service members go through on a daily basis, but I encourage you to expand your horizons, learn the meaning of Memorial Day and show gratitude to past, present and future service members.

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