>Not For Everyone

>Imagine a U.S. where cheap airfare, provided by smaller carriers, could co-exist with major carriers just like they do in Europe.

One example is RyanAir, which provides low-cost flights between airports located near (but sometimes out of the way of) major European cities. Most flights are between one and three hours long.

Could it be possible to continuously provide affordable airfare in the U.S.?
At first, seeing the article about JetAmerica made me excited for a new possibility of travel that would not hurt my already stretched wallet. However, once I went through the motions of booking a flight the total came out to $169.20 and that was before the checked baggage fee was added on. While the price is still under $200, it still seems that it could be better. Why are only select seats $9 and not the whole flight? I could understand offering that price as a promotion or if you book a certain time in advance, but why should one person pay more for a seat on the same flight than another person (and I don’t imagine they offer first class)?

Depending on how far away these airports are from major cities, additional money and time will also need to be spent on public transportation. Unfortunately, I do not see this as a viable travel method for students or people who do not want to spend the extra hassle on additional public transportation. In the article I based my story on it seems as if the main target audience is business travelers.

So unless you have specific business in the cities JetAmerica services or want to go the extra mile to reach your final destination, then I do not see this airline providing the service that most travelers need and consistent affordable travel will still remain a dream.

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