>For the love of the famous

>Drexel just celebrated the end of its Homecoming week with a concert headlining Jay Sean and Sean Paul. It is an understatement to say that many students were extremely excited about these artists, in total 3,000 students and their guests attended the concert.

I also enjoyed the musical artistry of these main acts as a photographer and I am happy that I was able to get some great shots (to be posted soon). My All Access Pass allowed me to stand in the space between the barricades holding back concert goers and the stage. This not only gave me “front-row” seats to the performers but also to the enthusiastic, screaming fans – the majority of which were female. They screamed when he was announced, they screamed when he appeared. When asked by Jay Sean who were the real fans, where the pretty girls were etc, the only collective response was screams.

I have simply never been able to understand the obsession for stars. I mean the undying devotion to each and every song, multiple posters on walls, and exclamations of “that’s my future husband or baby-daddy”. I mean the need to know everything about an artist, to follow their every move and to be willing to do anything to meet them. I feel that this leads to an imagined connection to a person (the key word is person) that you have never met.

I have great respect for artists and appreciate their contributions to the world, but I see them for what they are: people who are making a living with something they are passionate about.

I’m not saying it is wrong to “love” a star or artist, but I would just like to understand what leads to them being held up on a pedestal above the rest.

What do you think?

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