>Getting Sick


Something thing that really takes the fun out of traveling is getting sick, whether it’s a cold, a stomach virus or an upset stomach. But it’s easy to forget that it is just as easy to get sick while you’re at home.

While I didn’t travel anywhere this past weekend, my bought of food poisoning this past weekend reminded me of my trip to Sharm El Sheikh in 2005.While I did manage to get my scuba license, the rest of my trip I was confined to my bed with what I thought was an upset stomach and later found out was appendicitis.

Not being able to eat at all and barely retain fluids coupled by severe stomach cramps is not enjoyable, but are the symptoms of an upset stomach, food poisoning or a more severe illness.

Whether abroad or at home here are some tips to help avoid getting sick:

  1. Find out if it’s safe to drink tap water and if it’s not, stay away from drinks that may be prepared with it, ice, swallowing water in the shower and brushing your teeth with sink water.
  2. Wash your hands frequently.
  3. Eat fruits with a peel and that have been thoroughly washed.
  4. In hot climates make sure to eat fresh meat and food that is cooked in front of you, especially in open air markets.
  5. Trust your instinct: if food looks like it is bad or has been sitting out all day (and isn’t meant to) then don’t eat it. If in doubt, ask when the food was prepared.
  6. WikiHow suggests adding a cap full of vinegar of lemon juice to every 8 oz. you drink to create an acidic environment that most microbes can’t live in.
  7. Carry Pepto Bismol for quick relief.
  8. Drink hot tea, for example green tea or chamomile, which provide useful antioxidants and calm your stomach.

While it’s not always possible to avoid getting sick, I hope these tips help you. If you know of any other tips that should be shared with the world, please share them.

Safe travels.

    One thought on “>Getting Sick

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Great to connect with people around the world. Getting sick is no fun wherever you are, but especially when on holiday. Our family was felled by a bug in Cyprus. Luckily it didn’t last too long, but we didn’t feel all that great for the remainder of the holiday.

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