>Are hostels what they used to be?


Traveling the world can be an exciting adventure. For those on a budget, youth hostels have often been an affordable option that allow for a few nights stay in a city before adventuring/ backpacking on to the next one.

But it seems that hostels are no longer what they used to be. Formerly, travelers used to be able to head to any city and show up at a hostel when they arrived. Traveling in such a manner may have given you a sense of freedom to stay in a location for as long as desired. However, now it seems it is a requirement to book hostel rooms (often shared with other people) in advance and also pay a booking deposit.

You do have the choice of staying in a dorm or private room and prices will range accordingly from $10 – $45 per night depending on when and where you stay. Prices in Europe are higher due to the exchange rate. Alternatively, you might consider staying in a one- or two-star hotel if you aren’t really particular about where you stay.

For more information about staying in hostels check out Back Pack Europe. A wide range of sites such as Hostels.com, hihostels and Europeanhostels can help you with booking in any country.

Do you have any backpacking or hostel stories?

Safe Travels.

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