Moving with AUTO

There are only 11 days left for the magic of PIFA. Have you joined the moment yet?

AUTO by Kate Watson-Wallace. Photo courtesy of PIFA.

PIFA is not just about passively experiencing a journey through the world of Paris of the Belle Epoque as seen through the eyes of Philly; it’s also about what you can contribute to adventure. Nowhere will you notice this more than in the movement installation AUTO, directed by Kate Watson-Wallace.

With a moving vehicle as the center piece in the landscape of the Falls Center Parking Garage, audience members will become active participants as they move and are moved through a series of performance vignettes that inhabit the simultaneous private and public space that is a car. Cars have become such an intrinsic part of our society that it can often feel as if they are extensions of us and/ or a part of the family. Do you name your car and refer to them as if they were a living being?

Photo courtesy of PIFA

AUTO investigates the body of performer/driver, the body of witness/passenger, and the body of the car itself. AUTO explores how we communicate when we are encased in a small piece of metal that can speed, stop, lock us in, blow us up, or crash at any moment.

AUTO is a performance that takes place inside a parking garage.  Audience members will be asked to walk throughout the garage during the performance. AUTO is the partner piece to CAR, the sold-out 2008 Live Arts hit.

Intrigued? What are you waiting for?

You have until May 1 to experience this interactive performance, taking place every night at 8 p.m. A special closing weekend party taking place on April 30.


Stay tuned for more live coverage and impressions of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts through May 1, supported by PIFA.

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