Wawa Hoagie Day 2011!

Photo: GPTMC

Hoagies – one of Philly’s signature sandwiches that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. This sandwich form is among my favorites. I hear part of the secret lies in the bread. For hoagie lovers near and far, June 29 will be a special day. 

As a part of the 11-day Independence day celebrations, Wawa Welcome America presents Wawa Hoagie Day! In conjunction with the USO, Wawa will be serving a 4.5 ton hoagie in honor of our soldiers and local heroes. Just imagine the size of that hoagie! In order to get a glimpse and taste of this Wawa delight, meet in front of the Independence Visitor’s Center (6th and Market) from noon – 2 p.m.


Stay tuned as I cover the WAWA Welcome America! events. This post is brought to you with the support of Wawa Welcome America.

Connect with WAWA Welcome America on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @July4thPhilly.

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