Malternatively speaking – if you don’t drink beer

There are those days when all you want to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a nice cold bottle of…? Now normally, that sentence is finished with one word: beer. But how do you finish that sentence when you have never developed a taste for beer – no matter how many fruity or specialized flavors that beer-lovers claim don’t taste like beer at all? Guess what, they all taste like beer.

So what to do when you just don’t feel like having a cocktail, mixed drink or even wine? I know, you might be wondering how this could ever happen (believe me, it’s rare), but sometimes you just want a cold, refreshing drink that comes in a bottle. Especially now, since we’re back to football.

Well, with a little research it turns out that we can choose from hard ciders, mead and malternatives.

Hard Ciders
Hard ciders are made from fermented apples. Cider has quite an exciting history and from what I read can easily be made at home (a project to try one day). I have yet to try hard ciders, but will definitely provide some reviews once I do. Meanwhile, here are some that you can try:

Woodchuck Hard Cider
Jack’s Hard Cider (in PA and Maryland)
Fox Barrel (made from fermented pears)
Sutliff Cider
Blue Mountain Cider Company
Wyder’s Cider

Mead is made from honey, water and yeast, but can also be mixed with other spices and ingredients to create different flavors.Also a drink I have yet to try. For more information, visit Got Mead.

Also known as alternative malt beverages. When researching malternatives, there is quite a bit of bad press and it would seem that no one likes the hard lemonades or twisted teas that are on the market. Some beer lovers are going so far as to encourage a boycott of these drinks. Personally, I like Mike’s Hard Lemonade (specifically lime and cranberry), Smirnoff Ice and I have tried Twisted Tea (I think I liked it).

Others to try:

Jack Daniel’s Lemonade
Mike’s Harder
Tilt – made by Anheuser-Busch

I know there are quite a few more alternatives to beer that I haven’t named. Please feel free to share you favorites.
Happy and safe drinking.

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