101 books to read

Isn’t that a wonderful thought? 101 books to read. I was going to add “in a lifetime” to the title, but I’m quite certain that – if you’re anything like me – you will not need a lifetime to read 101 books. My quest for new books to devour is never ending and I could spend hours in a bookstore or library.

But I have to admit, I find it hard sometimes to just go out and pick up any book I come across. There’s always that slight apprehension that I’ll choose the wrong one (a feeling easily applicable to anything in life really), but it’s more as if I get overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of choice that lays at my fingertips.This is when I get sucked in the book vortex, where time seems to stop.

I vividly remember the day I went into the last days of the Philly Border’s closing sale (so sad). It was during the last five days or so of the sale and all of the merchandise had been moved to the first floor (there were a lot of Sarah Palin books left). I went from shelf to shelf, looking for titles that drew me in or covers that caught my eye (yes, I was completely judging books by there covers). Eventually, I had 11 books resting in my basket and I decided that was enough, since I had to carry them all home. Two and a half hours after I walked into the store, I left with my purchases (and happily paid $35).

While I love the calming feeling of walking from aisle to aisle, discovering new books, reality is that we don’t always have the time for that. This is when I find it helpful to have a list of books that have either been recommended or that I have always wanted to read. Today, I had to look no further than Daily Candy whose editors have compiled a list of “101 books that we can’t live without”. Discovering this list certainly made my day and I simply had to share it with you. Some of these you may recognize from required school readings, while others are more recent. What are some books that you can’t live without?

Happy Reading!

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