The art of making great salads

I love salads. Seriously, I do. I love the infinite amount of combinations that can be tossed together to create a masterpiece on a plate.

Now, you might call salads “rabbit food” (yes, I actually know people who call them that), but you can’t deny the amazing tastes that come from a meal (you heard right) that is so simple to make. Depending on the type you put together, no cooking is necessary – just wash, cut and toss.

Salads that compliment a meal or are enjoyed as a starter are nice enough, but when I come home late from work, I need a meal that will fill me up without being too heavy or taking much time to make.

My masterpiece without chicken

As I said before, the combinations for salads are infinite. In the one you see above you will find: lettuce (never, ever iceberg though), zucchini, tomatoes, red bell peppers, shredded carrots, pickles and green olives. This was while the chicken strips were still cooking.

My masterpiece with chicken strips and croutons.

As you can see, the addition of chicken makes it look like something that will actually fill you up. The key to making masterpieces is to never limit yourself in the possible ingredients you use. Ingredients that you will always find in my salads are:

– olives (both green and black)
– carrots
– tomatoes
– raw zucchini (this replaces cucumber – which kind of tastes like water and the seeds can give you gas)
– lettuce (again, never iceberg lettuce)

Ingredients that I add depending on my mood and if they’re in my kitchen:

– feta or blue cheese
– pine nuts or sunflower seeds
– bell peppers
– raw broccoli
– raw mushrooms
– chicken strips
– tuna (either from the can or freshly cooked)
– shrimp
– croutons

When making your salad, let your imagination run wild. If you like something, add it. The possibilities are endless.

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