Thirsty Thursday – Fall cocktails

Fall is here! You can feel the chilly wind starting to nip at your nose (even though some summer weather is trying to hold on), the leaves are starting to change color and you get to wear your favorite fall clothes.

Fall not only influences the world around us, but creeps into the flavors of our food and drinks. Apples, cinnamon, and gingerbread are among the flavors of fall. But you won’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to indulge in these delicious flavors. On this Thirsty Thursday, I offer you four great drinks to get you in the fall mood. Enjoy them during Happy Hour or whenever the mood strikes.

The Holiday Mojito

This is one of my favorite summer drinks and I love that a mixologist stirred up a holiday version. Actually finding mixologists who are good at making Mojitos is a treasure hunt in itself, but it never hurts to ask. Better yet, make the perfect drink yourself with this recipe.

You will need: apple cider calvados mixture (you make this yourself), 10 cane rum, mint leaves, brown sugar, simple sugar, limes, ice.
To make this drink, discover the full recipe.

Ginger Snap

The name makes me think of the cookies, but this drink offers a new way of serving eggnog. This recipe has you blend the ingredients, but I can also see this working well as a hot drink. As a former Barista, I remember serving eggnog lattes and hot eggnog is quite tasty.

You will need: Captain Morgan Original spiced rum, ginger brandy, eggnog
To make this drink, follow the full recipe.

Baileys Caramel Appletini

Just hearing the name of this drink makes me want one right now. I’ve always loved the smooth taste of Baileys and just imagining that combination with an Appletini sounds delicious.

You will need: Baileys Caramel Irish Cream, (Smirnoff) green apple flavored vodka, apple(s), caramel
To make this drink, follow the full recipe.

Cinnamon Toast

A great alternative to your nightly tea (if you drink one) and a wonderful companion for a cozy date with the couch, this drink combines apple cider and Captain Morgan Rum.

You will need: Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, hot apple cider, sugar, cinnamon
To make this drink, follow the full recipe.

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