Curry turkey sloppy joes

Usually, on the weekends I like taking the time to cook great meals, that I aren’t always possible on the days that I work. But this weekend, mother earth decided that it was time for the East Coast to get its first snow and for me to catch a cold.

So, in the spirit of quick, easy and filling dinners, I will share a reinvention of one of my favorite recipes I shared with you this week: curry spaghetti bolognese. The wonderful thing about delicious food, is that it can often be enjoyed as leftovers. But, that doesn’t mean you have to eat them exactly the way you did the first time (boring!). Another fun part of cooking is creating new dishes from leftovers.

While this curry turkey sloppy joe isn’t the most elegant to eat (I ended up having to eat mine in two halves because it bottomed out), I promise that it’s delicious, hearty and fun to eat.

What you’ll need:

– leftover curry turkey
– Amoroso’s rolls
– mayonnaise
– provolone cheese
– black olives
– parmesan cheese

Heat curry turkey (either microwave or stove top). Spread mayo on rolls, lay on provolone cheese. Fill roll with curry turkey. Top with black olives and parmesan. Don’t forget a lot of napkins and a fork for the meat that will fall out of this sandwich.


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