Dining in the Detroit Area

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the Detroit area for the first time for a special event. Not only did I have the chance to explore the area in a few different types of cars, but I had the opportunity to east some delicious food.

Union Woodshop

The Union Woodshop in Clarkston, MI, that opened for lunch for this event, is known for it’s BBQ deliciousness and as one of Kid Rock’s favorite places to eat. It prides itself as a big-time small town BBQ. The restaurant is set up over a pretty big space that I can easily imagine filling up with BBQ lovers and creating an exciting and warm atmosphere during dinner, where you’re likely to leave with a few more friends than you arrived with.

Lunch menu

Mushroom and onion pizza
Blackened catfish with Mac n Cheese and hand cut home fries
Butterscotch with whipped cream

Atlas Global Bistro

For dinner (yes, this was in the same day), we went to Atlas Global Bistro, where we were presented with a four-course meal option. The service was great and my wine glass of Sauvignon Blanc seemed to be bottomless, as I would drink half and then it would magically refill itself.

Dinner menu
Jumbo lump crab cake with warm fingerling salad
The Atlas Salad
Rainbow Trout
Chocolate Cherry Cake with Raspberry sauce

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