The beautiful world of gingerbread houses

Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed making gingerbread houses. They are a wonderful part of the holiday season and can be beautiful to look at as well as tempting to eat. Actually, saying that kind of reminds me of Hansel and Gretel.

I remember making my first variations with graham crackers and a  milk carton that I decorated with as much candy as possible. Over the years (and helping my mom), the level of gingerbread architecture increased. But, I have never created a master piece as the ones I recently saw on display in the Shops at Liberty Place. The following buildings (house is no longer an appropriate description of what you’re about to see) are modeled after Fairmount Park Historic Sites and are created by local pastry chefs. They will be on display through Nov. 30.

Woodford Mansion

Fairmount Water Works

Cedar Grove

Mount Pleasant

Laurel Hill

Strawberry Mansion


4 thoughts on “The beautiful world of gingerbread houses

  1. they’re amazing, I wish I had enough patience to make a nice gingerbread house without eating it before it could be finished!

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