Thanksgiving Feast


Thanksgiving is hands down one of my favorite feasts. This year (as with most years), I visited my mom and helped prepare and cook a wonderfully delicious meal. Every dish is made from scratch; you won’t find any pre-made or packaged food in this kitchen. All the dishes you see below can be found on Bon Appetit. Every year, they have great Thanksgiving menu ideas (which usually follow a flavor theme). We have been using this as our Thanksgiving guide for more years than I can count and everybody who eats with us always enjoys the meal. My mom put together her menu with recipes from different years.

This time of year is always great to review the past year and recount what you’re grateful for. There is a lot that I am thankful for and can say that I love my life. I am certainly grateful for you, yes you! For taking the time to read my posts, to like them and to share your thoughts. Especially to those of you who have decided to subscribe to my musings on books, food and booze. Your time is much appreciated!! Thank you 🙂


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