If I should have a daughter…by Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay

Pure strength, passion and inspiration. These are the feelings that overcome me as I sit in awe of Sarah Kay’s performance on Ted Talks. There are a few times in my life where I have felt this and I am left with the desire to continually find something that I can be that passionate about and share it with others (like you) to pass on my inspiration and encourage growth and expression.

What intrigues me so much about the performance you’re about to see is Sarah’s honesty and the way that she puts her heart out there. I love that she tells her story through spoken word poetry and that poems are her way of making sense of the world.

Not only is she passionate in her own work, but she has been performing since the age of 14 and founded Project V.O.I.C.E as a means of teaching poetry and self-expression in schools across the U.S. (You can also find them on FB).

As a writer, I don’t discriminate about forms of expression and have dabbled in a variety of forms, but have never made the step into spoken word poetry. It is something I have always been intrigued by, but not yet tried. Honestly, it’s been a while since I have chosen poetry as my form of expression and yet it is always something I love going back to. I think it’s the flow of the words as well as the play on words to get you thinking. I have found that I write poetry when I am overcome by very strong emotions (whether positive or negative).

I hope you enjoy her performance as much as I did!

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