Friday night cocktail: Brown Sugar

Honestly, I don’t know if a drink by the name of Brown Sugar exists, but it fits the one I’m about to introduce you to. Hennessy is always in stock in my kitchen and around this time of year, Baileys Irish Cream is one of my favorites. I’ll drink both on the rocks or the Henny mixed with cranberry juice and the Baileys in hot chocolate. But for this concoction, the Henny and Baileys are brought together for a delicious drink.

You’ll need:

Hennessy, Baileys, and Milk

The amounts of each that you use will depend on how strong you like your drinks, but definitely use more Baileys than Hennessy. I would probably say a few shots (maybe splashes) of Baileys, a shot or two of Hennessy and the rest milk and a couple ice cubes. The creamy sweet flavor of the Baileys definitely shines through and coats the taste of alcohol, so this drink has the potential to will sneak up on you.


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