Dinner at Amada

By now, you know what a fan I am of Jose Garces restaurants. So I was quite happy when I had the chance to dine at Amada once again.

This time we were seated at the chefs’ bar, which allowed us to observe the line of chefs as they prepared all of the orders that came in. I loved watching the concentration of each chef at his (yes, they were all men) station and watching how they assembled each dish. Directly in our sight were the salad, flat bread and dessert chefs; three of nine chefs working that night.

Pulpo a la gallega – Spanish octopus

Albóndigas – Lamb meatballs and shaved manchego
Alcachofas y setas – artichoke & wild mushrooms, black truffles & manchego
Lamb chops – from the grill
Almond-vanilla cookie they serve complimentary

If you have yet to enjoy the wonders of a Jose Garces restaurant (I recommend you do so as soon as possible), you are served in the tapas style of dining. You place your orders (usually, we each order 2-3 dishes) and they are brought out as the food is ready. The best part about this style of dining is that you share your dishes and have the opportunity to experience a variety of flavors in one night.

Other Jose Garces delights: Distrito and Tinto and a recipe of his I tried out at home.

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