Volcanos, orchids and a man cave…Oh My!

Photo: Nicolle Morales Kern

Doesn’t that sound like it will make for a great combination? The producers of this year’s Philadelphia International Flower Show certainly think so.

One of the major features of the Flower Show will be a waterfall that turns into a volcano and back again. This feature is a part of the special effects that will be used to create a multidimensional sensory experience.

As for the inspiration for this year’s theme: it’s not because our president is from this beautiful state. The Flower Show’s Wizard of Design, Sam Lemheney said at a recent press conference, “I wanted to highlight orchids and Hawai’i seemed to be the perfect setting.” One of the major presenters at the Flower Show, Waldor Orchids, has been presenting at the Flower Show for the past 80 years and will also be celebrating 125 years of business.

For any of you who might be thinking you can’t take along your husband, boyfriend, father, brother or any other male relative who doesn’t have an affinity for gardening, think again. And guys, if you’re looking forward to having the house to yourself, you might want to reconsider that date with your couch.

Why? Well, the Philadelphia Flower has a special spot just for you: the Man Cave. Yes, you’ve read correctly. A man cave with a full bar, food by Chickie & Pete’s, video games, and big-screen TVs showing both the Sixers and Flyers games.

Of course, you could always learn to Hula dance while you’re there.

Here is a peek at what else you can look forward to:

Delicious fresh fruit and other Hawaiian delicacies.

Photo: Nicolle Morales Kern

Watch traditional Hula dancing…

Photo: Nicolle Morales Kern

 …or learn how to Hula dance.

Photo: Nicolle Morales Kern


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