Mardi Gras treats from work or taking cupcakes home in a tissue box

Mardi gras, Fat Tuesday or Pancake Day. Three of the names you may have heard all day yesterday. While New Orleans is renowned for its parties that take up entire streets, the  free flow of drinks and people vying for beads, and other cities have their little ways of celebrating, not everyone really has the chance to go all out on a work day.

If you’re like me, you may have found yourself sitting in your cubicle well into the evening. But all was not lost and we were not forgotten. My place of employment was quite generous with Mardi Gras treats.

Mardi Gras vanilla cupcakes

I could only manage to eat half – so much sugar.
King Cake

If you’re interested in a King Cake recipe, check out this one on Savoring Every Bite.

Although there were two, they didn’t last long.

So, of course, I couldn’t go home without bringing some treats with me (I think I would have been sent back to work). But, when you’re at the office and don’t have any Tupperware (or any kind of container for that matter) that will accommodate large cupcakes without squishing them, what ever are you to do? Get creative and use the office supplies you have around you! It just so happens, that I had an empty tissue box (don’t worry, not tissues were harmed in this process) sitting on my desk.

Tissue box cupcake carrier

All you need to do is detach the top part of one side and cut along the sides of the top so that it folds back. Next trim the side flap to make it tuck into the bottom half. Place cupcakes inside (this actually holds 2 large cupcakes), separated by napkins. Fold over top and tuck in tab and Voilá…a tissue box cupcake carrier.

Closed cupcake tissue box.

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