Make the bread, buy the butter

A new cookbook has joined my kitchen: Make the Bread, Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese. It is a book dedicated to solving the question of which foods you should make at home from scratch and which you should buy, and includes over 120 recipes for experimenting with!

Before I talk more about this book (and the topic in general), I must thank the wonderful women of From Scratch Club for hosting frequent giveaways, both on their site and on their Facebook page. It is because of one of their FB giveaways that this wonderful cookbook has made it’s way into my kitchen. Their site is dedicated to:

…sharing stories, recipes, DIY projects, homesteading tutorials, kitchen tips & tricks and food policy news in hopes of inspiring people to jump back into the kitchen, their gardens and communities as a daily way of life regardless of income, space & time.

In my opinion, our society has come to rely too heavily on prepackaged foods and meals that are supposed to make cooking “easier and quicker”, but in reality all they do is take away from the joy and passion of cooking. Not to mention they’re full of preservatives and unhealthy ingredients that we can’t even pronounce. Even if you cook with fresh ingredients, you might be so used to buying certain things from the store that you wouldn’t even think of trying to make them from scratch.

Reese covers a wide range of foods: from bread to ducks, junk food and candy to Thanksgiving, and even drinks and desserts. After a first glance through the book, Reese has an intro for each recipe, says if you should make it or buy it, the amount of work involved, and the cost comparison to buying the food instead.

While I might not try all of the recipes (raising my own chickens in the city is a little hard), I am very excited about exploring the world of making things from scratch. Stay tuned!

What kinds of foods do you make from scratch instead of buying them?

Update 4/12/12: I absolutely love this book. I have yet to start any recipes (you’ll know when I do), but the stories that accompany each adventure are very funny and well-written. Over the past few nights, I’ve been reading this book before I go to bed.

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