Great Finds of the Week #2

Ok, so it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted a great finds, but here are some posts that I have particularly enjoyed in that period of time.

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Books and more
Be a bookslut for a day by sending in a review of a book the Insatiable Booksluts have already read and reviewed. I guarantee you’ll discover something new.

Speaking of finding new books to read, have you read any of the Booker’s Dozen for 2012? Honestly, I haven’t even heard of any of the books or Authors on this list – a reminder that there are always new books and authors to discover, but also that we will never discover them all.

I can’t get enough of possibly the cutest pet I’ve ever seen: Herbert the pygmy hedgehog. Every time I see new photos of him, I consider what it would be like to have one of my own.

A friend of mine is participating in the Forget Me Not Walk to end Alzheimer’s in Chicago on September 9.

All about food
One of my favorite snacks are crackers, but sometimes I’m not thrilled by the choices in stores. Fortunately, other people have figured out how to make Homemade crackers. I definitely plan on trying the herb tomato and cheese crackers.

Another delicious recipe I came across is potato rings with homemade buttermilk ranch. Potatoes and buttermilk ranch have always been one of my favorite combos (buttermilk ranch mashed potatoes…can’t wait for Thanksgiving) and while these may not be the healthiest snack option, they won’t hurt once or twice.

I wasn’t sure whether to include this next recipe in food or booze, but let’s keep it in food since it is about cookies. Bourbon chocolate chip cookies combines food and booze in the same bite, what more could you ask for?

chocolate chip cookies
Imagine these made with bourbon.

Some booze
Friday was National Scotch Day (who knew?). I didn’t exactly celebrate it, but I think it’s interesting that there’s a ‘national day’ for everything. It always makes me wonder who came up with them, or can we all just simply declare “It’s national (insert your favorite thing) day? What would you make a national day for?

When it comes to cocktails or mixed drinks, I definitely want to experiment more and these recipes for infused simple syrups you can make at home are a great way to introduce some new flavors.

What are some great things you’ve come across in the past couple weeks?

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3 thoughts on “Great Finds of the Week #2

  1. Ooooh, those bourbon cookies sound wonderful! I like that occasional splash of something special (usually it’s Kahlua) on my dessert (usually ice cream).

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