Loving to eat vs. loving food: Changing our views of food

What does it mean to love food? This is a question I’ve been thinking about a lot in this past week of discovery and education.

Since learning that I now have to be more aware of foods that can lead high blood pressure, the wheels have been turning…a lot. In searching for ways to improve the food that we buy and as a result the dishes I put together, I started thinking about the sources of the food that we eat.

As someone who has mainly grown up in cities, I can honestly say that I never really got involved in the journey of food from source to plate. Yes, I’ve known that meat comes from animals (but never saw an animal prepared for consumption), that vegetables and fruits are grown in the ground by farmers, and that people work hard to provide the food that I enjoy. I have always made a point to buy healthy foods, and for the most part avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup. But, I never really put much thought into the entire circle of life.

Enter The Perennial Plate. I found out about Daniel Klein’s and Mirra Fine’s project from a tweet that popped up on my timeline talking about their new adventure in sustainable eating that would take them around the world. After checking out this preview video:

I couldn’t resist checking out the previous seasons. They have been on a journey for the past two years highlighting local food producers/ farmers, community gardens, fishers and more. They started in Minnesota in season one, then did a nation-wide journey in season two, and this year they’re taking their project worldwide.

What I love most is that they highlight a diverse group of people (a great representation of this country) who respect the land and the animals, and show the journey from farm to plate (this includes how animals are killed). I think it’s really important for us to understand where our food comes from, the process of killing the animals we eat, and what it’s being fed or nourished with because our well-being and health depends on what goes into our bodies.

From season one, this is one of my favorite episodes about a summer camp that teaches children about planting, growing, harvesting vegetables.

And from season two, this was one of my favorites (although I have many favorites). But, I like this one especially because of this quote: “It’s a very serious thing to kill an animal. People should take it very seriously. They shouldn’t be expecting to eat meat seven days a week, two meals a day.”

So, this is how I’ve started off continuing my education about food and the food industry, and something I really wanted to share with you all. I think it’s very important to be aware of how our fellow countrymen are staying true to a life they believe in and not just buying into what the FDA and big commercial food companies are trying to sell to us every day.

A lot of people say that they love food. This is something that I say a lot as well. But, I think there is a difference between loving to eat (which I think most people actually mean) and loving food. Loving to eat is just loving consuming great food (ideally, at least). But, loving food means to love how it’s grown/ raised, as well as the process of turning raw food into delicious meals.

The latter is what I mean when I say ‘I love food’.

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