Madria Sangria bottle

Madria Sangria: Just Add Fruit

Sangria has to be one of my favorite drinks. I love how the combination of flavors come together for a truly refreshing drink. And the fruit soaked in alcohol is just an added bonus. My preferred type of sangria has always been white, but as the weather gets colder, I don’t mind a red sangria.

I think I first developed my love for sangria in Madrid, Spain when I lived there for a year In 2006/ 2007. The best places to drink sangria are los mesónes that specialize in a particular type of tapas dish. My friends and I would always order una jarra de sangria along with our tortilla and other tapas. In Philly, I’ve only had sangria at Amada or if it was served at a friend’s place.

Thanks to Bren Herrera of Flanboyant Eats, I came across Madria Sangria a couple weeks ago. So far, I have only tried their Moscato version, which is deliciously fruity and is perfect for a summer evening (or day). Just chill and add your desired fruit. So far, I’ve just been adding frozen peaches to my glasses. They add a great flavor, and since they’re frozen, my sangria says colder longer.

As soon as I find a Wine & Spirits store that also carries their Tradicional style, I will definitely try that as well.

2 thoughts on “Madria Sangria: Just Add Fruit

  1. Yay! Just seeing this! My blog didn’t alert me. I’m so glad you like it. It really is tasty. I like to cook with it, too! 🙂 Definitely try the red traditional sangria. I think you’ll like it better! 🙂

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