Covey Run Gewürztraminer

Wine Wednesdays: Covey Run Gewürztraminer

I’ve decided to start a new series dedicated entirely to wine. And what better day to feature wine than on Wednesdays (you might also know it as hump day). My goal is to feature a new wine every week or two. This is the first time I’m really talking about wine here, so please don’t expect anything too refined or formal.

The first wine I’m sharing with you is a Gewürztraminer from Covey Run. I picked it up for three reasons: I was looking for something new to try, it was strategically placed in the middle of the aisle, and it was on sale for $6.99. So, I thought why not give it a try.

The wine: Covey Run Gewürztraminer 2011 from the Quail Series. It has a “floral nose and vibrant flavors of lychee, lime and spice.” Recommended pairings: gorgonzola cheese, French onion soup, or your favorite curry dish.

First impressions: I think the quails on the bottle are adorable. The wine is smooth, light, and on the sweeter end of the wine flavor spectrum, which is how I like my wine. I loved the price.

About Covey Run: Covey Run has been making “liquid goodness since 1982” in Washington State’s Columbia and Yakima Valleys. Their grapes are grown on their Alder Ridge and Oasis Vineyards, and their wines have won some awards.

Overall impression: A good wine for drinking anytime. Before trying this wine, I didn’t know that wine was produced in Washington State. I am glad I gave it a try, and will probably try some of their other wines as well, especially their Ice Wine.

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