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Wine Wednesdays: Chaddsford Spiced Apple

This week, the weather in Philly has returned to temperatures that you expect for October (not the 80-degree weather we had last week), and a chill is in the air. It’s the weather that makes you want to snuggle under comfy blankets when you come home from work, and to start getting ready for Thanksgiving. Nothing goes better with this type of weather than fall flavors – apple, pumpkin, and butternut squash (those are the three that immediately come to mind).

So this week, I’m sharing one of my favorite wines with you, Spiced Apple wine from Chaddsford Winery. I believe I first tasted it a couple years ago at an event at Liberty Place (a shopping mall on Chestnut St.), and I loved that it was locally produced. I still do, and plan on taking a trip to the winery at some point, since it’s only about a 50 minute drive from Philly.

The Wine: Chaddsford Winery Spiced Apple

Price: $8.99

Bottle Description: Apple cider goes to college. And comes back wiser, warmer, and infinitely more sophisticated. Perfectly at home in every autumn setting, from tailgates and Halloween parties to family Thanksgivings and steamy mugs in front of evening fires. Mull it slowly and breathe deeply as the house fills with Currier & Ives aromas of memorable times.

About Chaddsford Winery: Founded in 1982 by Eric and Lee Miller, this winery is located in the Brandywine Valley, and is Pennsylvania’s largest winery. They pride themselves on making locally sourced, quality wines for people to enjoy. Their selection ranges from dry varieties, artisanal treasures, and the “fun and easy to drink” selections.

Impressions: These differed based on the temperature I drank it at. When I originally tried it, I drank it chilled. While I love sweet wines, I almost found it too sweet and biting (I may have to revisit it chilled at some point). However, this time I followed the recommendation on the bottle and heated it over low heat. This made all the difference, and is exactly what this wine is made for.  It smells and tastes delicious. It reminded me evenings and weekends spent at the Christmas markets in Germany, where they sell hot mulled wine and delicious Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes) with applesauce. I can confidently say that this wine will be readily available in my kitchen this fall and winter.

Note: Any wines from Chaddsford Winery are currently only available in Pennsylvania. So it’s a perfect excuse to come visit.

3 thoughts on “Wine Wednesdays: Chaddsford Spiced Apple

    1. Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to enjoy this. Thank you for the wonderful idea. I didn’t even think of that, but will now be bringing a couple bottles to my family gathering as well.

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