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Favorite Places to Lunch in Philly

During the week, I try to bring my lunch to work with me, whether it’s leftovers, a sandwich, or maybe some lettuce wraps. But, sometimes I don’t feel like eating what my kitchen has to offer, and I am left with the decision of deciding where to eat. Many times, my co-workers and I eat lunch together and that is always the first question “So where are we eating?”

Philly has a wide variety of places to choose from, but I generally stay within the same radius between JFK Boulevard and Walnut Streets, and 18th to 16th Streets (with rare trips to the Reading Terminal Market). When I don’t eat at my work’s cafeteria, here are some of my favorite places to eat (not in any order of preference).

Jimmy John’s
44 S. 17th Street
This is where I go when I’m in the mood for a sub. I always get #6 – Vegetarian. What I love most about this sandwich is the avocado cream. No other sandwich place makes avocado cream like JJ’s does. It’s also a great place if you don’t have time to wait for lunch, and I don’t ever remember waiting more than five minutes to get my sandwich. If you have a gluten allergy or are watching your carb intake, you can also make any sammich into an Unwich (a lettuce wrap).

127 S. 18th Street
When I’m craving some healthy food that is 100% plant-based, this is where I go. My favorites (so far) are the Ziggy Burger and the Fajita Wrap, as well as a side of sweet potato fries served with a cilantro-black bean dip. The Jerk Cesar Salad is quite tasty as well. But, make no mistake, the food portions are just as hearty and you will never be able to complain of still being hungry after your meal.

Lucky Old Souls Burger Truck
at Love Park every Friday
Any time my craving for a burger and fries matches up with a Friday, this is the food truck I visit. They serve grass-fed beef from family farms in Pennsylvania, and all of their other ingredients and products are locally sourced as well. They also have a delicious veggie burger, which is usually what I order with a side of fries and one of the housemade sauces. And while you wait for your order, music is always playing.

Delicias Food Truck
at Love Park every Thursday
Delicias serves arepas and Latin food. This is the perfect food truck to get my fix for Latin food. There is a choice of meat or veggie arepas, or a beef or chorizo rice platter. And of course, the side of plátanos maduros (sweet plaintains) can never be forgotten.

Luke’s Lobster
130 S. 17th Street
I’ve blogged about lobster rolls before, and when I’m in the mood to treat myself to one this is where I go. The menu also offers crab or shrimp rolls, clam chowder or other soups, and grilled cheese. I’ve tried the shrimp roll, but the lobster roll is definitely my favorite.

Reading Terminal Market
My co-worker discovered this wonderful place the other day when searching for somewhere to eat. They serve grilled cheese sandwiches that are nowhere near what you might make at home. I’ve only eaten here once, and it’s already a favorite. I ordered the Brielle: Brie, cranberry chutney, caramelized onions, and pine nuts of brioche.

Do you have any favorite places you go for lunch?

3 thoughts on “Favorite Places to Lunch in Philly

  1. I’ll have to remember these for the next time I’m in Philly and let our younger daughter know about them, too. I love Reading Market and the Mennonite place has wonderful doughnuts. 🙂


  2. Pittsburgh has some weird law that doesn’t allow for the incredible food trucks downtown, where I work. When I can, I get to whereever the Oh My Grill food truck is for grilled cheese with wine reduction dipping sauce. The Taco Truck is fabulous, too, and they always have a vegetarian choice.

    For restaurants, I like Toss’t, which is a fancy salad place. Choices downtown are not promising … long, long lines, lots and lots of chains. Usually I bring my own lunch as we have a huge kitchen with real stove at work, and a dishwasher.

    But … in the winter … if I don’t have lunch with me, it is always Jimmy Johns … super fast, efficient delivery.

    1. That’s a shame they have laws restricting the locations of food trucks. I’m not exactly sure of the laws in Philly, but there always seem to be trucks within walking distance, whether you’re in Center City or West Philly.

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