Thanksgiving plate

Food for the Soul Shared on Thanksgiving

Today’s Daily Prompt is perfect for the month of November. I have always believed that food is nourishment for your soul just as much as it is for your body. The love that is shared and passed on through food is never more apparent than during the holiday season when people gather to cook and share together. Thanksgiving is only 17 days away and I eagerly look forward to joining my mom in the kitchen again to create a wonderful meal for family and friends.

To give you an idea of the delicious dishes that grace our table, here is what our food for the soul from Thanksgiving 2011 looked like.

The First Course

The Main Course

The Grande Finale
While I contribute to all dishes that are made on this wonderful day of food, and family (and football), the one reserved solely for my hands is this dessert. A dessert that I have been making pretty much every year since Bon Appétit introduced it in the November 2001 Thanksgiving issue – the double layer sweet potato cake with an orange cream cheese frosting, and decorated with dried cranberries, candies orange zests, and walnuts.

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