Wine Wednesdays: Elmo Pio Asti and Freixenet Carta Nevada Brut

Happy New Year!

Welcome to my first post of 2014. How wonderful that Wine Wednesdays falls on the first day of the year, which means that this post can only be about one thing – the Bubbly. I don’t know what it is, but sparkling wine (or champagne) is just perfect for any type of celebration. I love that moment when the cork comes out of the bottle with a POP, followed by the filling of each glass, then the toast, and finally the feeling of bubbles on my tongue. All of those moments come together to heighten any celebration, and ringing in a new year is no different.

Note: The prices I list below are the sale prices from a day before New Years Eve and not the regular prices (I will make sure to update this post with the regular price later).

The first selection:

The Wine: Elmo Pio Asti

Origin: Italy

Price: $10.99

Bottle Description: A delicate flavor of fresh strawberry and peach make our Asti and ideal accompaniment to desserts and good times.

About Elmo Pio: Run by a family that has been in the wine business for three generations. They started out growing and making their own wine in Cucamonga, California while it was aged and bottled in Philadelphia. The family then transitioned from wine makers to international importers and distributors

Impressions: I loved the flavor of this. It was refreshing and sweet, and something I will definitely buy again in the future, and will probably try some of their other styles as well.

The second selection:

The Wine: Freixenet Carta Nevada Brut

Origin: Spain

Price: $9.99

Description on the web site: In Carta Nevada Brut, Freixenet plays up a playful, fruit-forward style. Considered an easy introduction to Spanish cava, it is a terrific first taste for those who have not yet had the pleasure of enjoying a lively, effervescent glass of bubbly.

About Freixenet: A family-owned business that has produced quality sparkling wines, known as cavas, for over 150 years in the méthode champenoise tradition.

Impression: I have always loved Freixenet cavas. Both the Carta Nevada Brut and the Cordon Negro Brut are one of the first sparkling wines that I had as a teenager. I find the Carta Nevada Brut to have a slightly dry taste, and I usually like to use this when making mimosas or wine cocktails, which is fitting since the website also describes this as the “perfect brunch beverage.”


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