Making Envelopes

One of my favorite things about mail is making my own envelopes.

When I first started on this mail journey, I just used a carefully unfolded envelope and traced around it. At some point, I discovered these envelope stencils/ templates at Paper Source and just had to have them. What I love is that they come in 6 different sizes, from the #1 baby to the A7. From speaking with fellow LEP members, I know some people use envelope punch boards, which from what I’ve read might make the process quicker overall. But for now, I love my stencils. I really enjoy just sitting down tracing, cutting, and then gluing all of the envelopes. Depending on how many envelopes I’m making, I could be busy for a couple of hours and I find it very therapeutic.

For my glue, I prefer to use a hot glue gun, but find that double-sided tape works just as well. When it’s time to seal the envelopes to be sent out into the world, I’ll use clear, double-sided or washi tape.

I’ll make envelopes out of anything really – magazines, construction paper, colored printer paper, and more. But at the moment, my favorite to use is scrapbook paper, especially the double-sided kind since it automatically has designs on the outside and inside! K & Company has beautifully designed paper, and that’s what is usually available at Target.

Here are some of the envelopes I’ve recently made.


4 thoughts on “Making Envelopes

  1. Those are GORGEOUS!!!!! So pretty and luxurious (I especially love the one bottom right – looks shiny!!!). I’m still working “old school” – flattened out envelope as a template and old magazines for the new envies – but am right there with the therapeutic quality of envie making!

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