Month of Letters Challenge 2014

LetterMo2014In exactly one week, the Month of Letters Challenge kicks off again! The challenge was started in 2010 by Mary Robinette Kowal and the goal is to mail at least one piece of mail every mailing day in February.

I participated for the first time last year, and absolutely loved it. In the 23 mailing days of February 2013, I sent 148 pieces of mail and completed all 16 postal achievements. There are achievements for reaching milestones and for sending certain types of mail, for example Austen Style, birthday wishes, Valentines, and international mail. It was a lot of fun recording what I mailed out every day, and I have to admit I loved getting the achievement stamps. I can’t wait to see what kind of achievements will be added this year.

I think I found out about the challenge a week before it started last year, and I didn’t really prepare much except to make a list of family and friends to send mail to. There were definitely days I felt a little rushed, and only managed to mail one item, but it was still a lot of fun (just as it’s meant to be). This year is a little different. I already have some Valentines made, and envelopes I’ve made are all ready to go (I think I have about 60 waiting to be used), and this year’s list includes family, friends, LEP members, and LWA penpals.

Will you be joining in the fun this year?

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