Month of Letters Week 1

We have completed the first week of the Month of Letters Challenge, and it has been a lot of fun. So far, I have mailed 27 pieces of mail altogether, consisting of 4 small packages, 2 Etegami postcards, 16 Valentine’s cards, 3 Smile postcards, an 2 letters. At a minimum, I am writing and sending between two and five pieces of mail each day, which I am very happy with.

I have also discovered that it’s a lot of fun to decorate envelopes with washi tape.

6 thoughts on “Month of Letters Week 1

    1. Thank you, Rachel! I try not to look at the leader boards on the LetterMo site too much. Some people on there have logged over 100 pieces of mail sent already. I don’t know how they’re managing that, though.

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