Month of Letters Final Week

It seems like just yesterday I was eagerly awaiting the start of the Month of Mail Challenge, and planning what I would send out into the world. Now, here we are, the mission is complete! It’s such a wonderful feeling to have successfully completed this challenge again, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s challenge.

Total mail sent: 70 pieces of mail
Total received: 24 (this is a rough estimate because some days I forgot to write down what I received)

Seventy pieces of mail may sound like a lot, but a good portion of that was Valentine’s cards and in the last couple days I sent quite a few postcards. One thing I absolutely love about sending mail is all the places it can travel. It’s like sending a piece of you to another part of the world. My mail has certainly been to places I’ve never been before, but I’m hoping that was just the first step to actually traveling there myself, especially Australia. My mail was able to travel so far with some help from amazing fellow mail enthusiasts in the LEP.

All the places my mail has been:
States: California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin. 

Countries: Canada, Australia, France, Great Britain

So what’s next? I’ll continue to send mail of course, but probably not every day. My goal will be to send at least 2 – 3 pieces per week though. Did you participate in the challenge?

Outgoing Mail

Incoming Mail



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