Stationery Love

Before I get to writing this post, I promise you this is not just promotional piece for one stationery designer, although it’s going to seem that way. 

In all the time I’ve written letters, I never really gave much thought to the paper that I wrote my letters on. When I was younger, I did have some Garfield stationery and this big letter writing set, but I was equally happy writing on legal or notepad paper – you know the big yellow pads with lines. I also didn’t pay much attention to the envelope either, not like I do today.

But, oh how things have changed. It first started when I joined the LWA, which has special paper (and other goodies) for members. My favorite is the more traditional paper with the red and blue lines around the edge. After I joined the LEP, I was introduced to the beautiful artwork of Julie, which can be found on Penpal of the Week in the SOTW (Stationery of the Week) section or in her Etsy shop La Papierre.

Since November 2013, I have accumulated quite a bit (it seems like a lot to me) of stationery and have found that I prefer to write on A5 (5″x8″) sized paper than I do regular letter sized. One of the major advantages to this size is that you can easily take it anywhere with you without having to fold the paper. I absolutely can’t stand having to fold paper before my letter has been written.

Finding new stationery is exciting, and I know that there are many great sources out there. However, I know I have to pace myself because it could be so easy to just spiral into buying ALL of the stationery. But, I don’t have that much space and I would never be able to use it all.

Where do you like to buy your stationery? Is it important for you that your stationery and envelopes match? That’s another thing I don’t really pay much attention to either, and since I make most of my envelopes it’s unlikely to happen often.


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