Puzzle Letters and Random Objects

Oh the wonders of sending things through the mail. As I delve deeper into the world of penpaling, I am falling more in love with all the possibilities for sending things through the mail. Sending mail usually calls postcards, greeting cards, and letters to mind. Ways of decorating these are endless, but you can go even further. Whatever you decide to send doesn’t need to fit in a box or even have to be written on paper – a fun fact I discovered this month thanks to two LEP swaps I participated in.

The Puzzle Letter
One swap involved selecting a puzzle of 100 hundred pieces or less (I think more would be a little cruel), assembling it and writing a letter on the back, taking it apart again, and mailing it off to my partner in West Virginia. This might sound like some work, but it’s so much fun to put puzzles together. I was also quite surprised how easy it was to write my letter on the back of it.

I actually received my puzzle from WV last Friday and put it together while I was at work, because I just couldn’t resist. Of course, this meant I had to take it apart so I could transport it home, which means I get to put it back together…again!

This is the puzzle  pile currently on its way to my swap partner, check out how cute it is.


The Random Object
When you send objects through the mail, do you generally put them in a larger envelope or box? I know that’s what I always did. Until now. Did you know there are some objects you can send as is? All you need to do is put the addresses and stamps on it. How exciting is that? My first time putting an object in the mail was very exciting and I plan to do it more it the future. The object I chose is currently on its way to Sofie in Sweden and it’s the first time I’ve sent a pneumatic tube through the mail.
I did receive my random object last Friday as well. Honestly, when I first saw the package in my mailbox I thought to myself, “Did she send me rocks?” But, it turns out it was a bag of Swedish candy.

What are some fun things you’ve sent through the mail?



  1. Did you try them?? Were they still edible or did they melt or something on they way there? And IF you ate them, the most important question of all is: did you like it? xD haha

    • They arrived perfectly intact. That probably wouldn’t have been the case if they had arrived this week, since it’s very hot now. I did taste them…unfortunately, licorice is not on my favorite flavors list. But, I will find someone who will enjoy them.
      I did peel off the stamps though 🙂

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