Giveaway: Stationery and Envelopes

Update 8/16/14:

Thank you all for entering this giveaway. I used the random number generator to choose 2 winners from the 12 of you that entered.

And the winners are….*drumroll please*…..

Nr. 8 – Melissa Hungria
Nr. 5 – Spotting Rainbows

Congratulations to you both! Please email me your info at so I can get your packages in the mail next week. 


When I look at my stationery arsenal, I really wonder when I will ever actually use it all. Since I’m always finding new things to add to my supplies, I’ve come to the conclusion that this will likely never happen (and I blame Julie) and the best thing I could do is to share them with you. So, I am hosting a giveaway (queue loud, excited screams)!

You can win one of two packs of assorted stationery  and envelopes I have made (sorry for those of you who prefer matching stationery and envelopes). Please note the envelopes have not yet been glued, but I can do this before I send them out if you want. All stationery is designed by the wonderful Julie, and if you follow her blog, Penpal of the Week,  you’ll recognize it from her Stationery of the Week posts.

Stationery pack
Stationery you can win!

Each pack will contain a total of 20 sheets of stationery and 4 assorted envelopes:
Size A5
– 5″ x 8″ (3 sheets of each)
Owl and Squirrel
Dancing Girl
Fox and Deer

Size A6 – 4.25″ x 5.5″ (5 sheets)

To enter, you simply need to leave a comment below stating why you love mail and which envelope set you would prefer to receive with the stationery. The deadline to enter is 11:59 p.m. EST on August 15, 2014. I will randomly select two winners on August 16, 2014. This giveaway is open to international letter lovers, too.



  1. Wow!Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous stationery!I love mail,both sending it and receiving it because I love getting to know people through their letters. some of my best friends are penpals! I like both sets of envelopes but maybe no 2 has the edge!

  2. I love snail mail because it really encourages an exchange of thoughts – it doesn’t have to be a quick, snappy reply that people seem to require to email or texting. Getting a first letter from a friend I haven’t met yet is amazing – like the one I just got today. It’s like a snapshot of who the writer is, where they live, what they are going through in their life. And of course, I love stationery for its own sake as well. Paper and stickers and washi are addictive. And I love having the ability to match stationery to the recipient or to how I am feeling at the moment. I love both sets of envelopes, but favor #1 a bit – love the camera print!

  3. If my blog is any indication, I really love mail. If I had to pick my favorite thing, it would be being able to socialize at my convenience. I am a mom to a little boy and we live in a very small town so I feel like I have no where to go and no one to hang out with. Writing letters has been how I get to see the outside world and gives me a chance to talk to people as it’s convenient for me. Besides, I am much more articulate on paper than I am when speaking, and it’s nice to bond with like minded individuals.

  4. Awesome giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity. Your stationery is adorable. Well, I just started penpal-ing this summer, and I love it because I am personally connecting with people I otherwise would never have gotten the chance to know. Also, because there are some things that are easier to say in a letter than in person.

    I would be happy with either package. ❤

  5. I regularly write “real” mail and the feedback is always amazing. People love getting something other than a bill or junk…a friend said that an envelope with her name handwritten on the front made her week. Seriosuly. Its a lost art.
    And seriously, I would be so happy with either package!

  6. I love to snail mail bc you make great friends from all over the world. You get to talk to them about it life n learn about theirs. I like the thought of making others smile when they open the mailbox n see something special instead of junk or bills.

    I would like either package n thank you for the chance to put a smile on my own face 🙂

  7. Hi 🙂 I love snailmail because it is like receiving a little piece of home. My family has always traveled, and when I receive snailmail, usually from the other side of the world, the distance suddenly doesn`t seem quite as great. It is the best feeling to receive snailmail and I always look forward to the walk to the mailbox. Snailmail gives one the opportunity to sit down and think about what you will tell your friends, to take your time and share memories – it makes me so happy 🙂
    I`d love to receive either set.
    Have a lovely day!

  8. I love sending mail and receiving mail – it’s like giving and receiving a present to me. I’m currently vacationing in San Diego and my mail has been put on hold for eight days. I’m very much anticipating receiving my mail on our return! I too have a stationery arsenal but I hope to win! I would appreciate either option – they’re both lovely!

  9. What a great idea, to share your stash! I love both options, so if I’m Lucky, the choice is yours.
    Greetinga from a Fellow LEP’er.

  10. Hi! Love the stationery! 🙂 Thank you or the chance to enter. Love both, especially the first set.

  11. Hi! I’ve just discovered your blog, (via your comment on pen pals of the week site) I love it so much!! As me you like create your own envelops 🙂 I’ve ever made tons with all sort of paper!! and as you I’m crazy about stationery !!If you permit, I’d like to participate to your nice give away. If you don’t I’ll understand of course!! 🙂 Bye (sorry for my language I’m French :/ )

  12. Hi! I’m a LEP-er! I love mail, sending and receving, because it’s always nice to make a connection with another person! Envelope Set 2. Have a great day.

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