How a Stamp Addiction Gets Started

October is National Stamp Collecting Month. As a relatively new mail enthusiast, I’ve often wondered what’s the best way to get started in the world of philately. Many say picking a favorite subject is a good place.

So far, my simple collection includes the Latin Music Legends (I’m quite sad those are no longer in print), Harry Potter, and the inverted Jenny’s.

Another way of starting is with a grab bag of canceled stamps. I got mine at the National Postal Museum. They sell a grab bag of 500 stamps, in either a U.S. or World version. I decided to buy the World version and going through them the other day, I’m quite delighted with the selection. The majority of the stamps are from the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Netherlands, but there is also a great selection from many other countries as well. Honestly, I am least impressed with the UK stamps since I now have 20+ stamps of the typical Queen profile.

500 stamps

500 stamps!

World stamps3

World stamps


7 thoughts on “How a Stamp Addiction Gets Started

  1. A beautiful collection! I also love stamps, and keep all those my penpals send me. I always put some new stamps on all the mail I send !! And, I will receive soon an order that I’ve passed several days ago to the French postal web site!! Bye!

  2. Hi Nicolle, I’m late to read this blog post. Have you heard of Errol Murphy? I read a blog article about vintage stamps on Letter Writers Alliance, and The Missive Maven. The Missive Maven blog post led me to Errol Murphy – he sells vintage stamps at face value. You mail him a check, and he mails you stamps with your general theme. It’s so fantastic it’s hard to use the stamps!

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