84 Charing Cross Road

84, Charing Cross Road

One of my favorite things about the LWA is that there is now a book club. How awesome is that?!

The first book we read was 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff, a series of letters exchanged between Helene and Frank Doel (and a few others) of a bookstore at 84, Charing Cross Road. What began as an inquiry for second-hand books developed into a friendship maintained through letters.

84 Charing Cross Road

It’s the first time I’ve read a book that features letter exchanges and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved following the back and forth of the correspondence, and kept hoping that one letter would detail Helene’s trip to London. What I found amusing was how the other “inmates” of the bookstore were sneakily writing to Helene and didn’t want Frank to find out, and Helene has an absolute wonderful sense of humor (at least it appeals to my tastes).

The next book we will read is Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn. It sounds like a fun and exciting book, and I have already put it on hold at the library. I’m hoping to make the live discussion on July 12, 2015.

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