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First Time Garden Adventures

Growing up, my mom always had a garden of some type, but I was never really interested in them and somehow managed to kill some of my indoor plants (horrible, I know). My thoughts on gardens have changed quite a bit and since we moved into a place that actually gives me the option to have one, I made starting a garden one of my goals for 2015.

This is a goal I am happy to say is now a part of my reality. With the help of my wonderful mom and the Secret Garden garden center, I have a variety of plants and herbs growing in my backyard. I am so excited to watch my plants grow, and I love that I can just walk outside to pick the herbs that I need when I’m cooking – no more wasting herbs in the fridge.

Part 1
I wanted to start on with a manageable amount of plants, so on our first weekend we picked up a grape tomato plant, chives, a sweet/hot pepper plant, sweet basil, Rosemary, and parsley. To avoid being overwhelmed with additional work prepping the soil, I decided that containers were the best way to go for now.

Part 2
A couple weeks later, I decided (with a little convincing from my mom) it would be nice to add more variety to my garden since there is a nice bed area right next to the house. This time, we picked up zinnias (yellow and pink), peppermint, spearmint, and lavender. This time around, we decided to also transplant the grape tomato and I will soon be putting a cage around it to make sure the tomatoes grow up and not on the ground.

Pepper Progress
The most rapid growth has occurred on the pepper plant. It has been amazing to watch all the peppers come in and I am excited for the day they can be harvested.



4 thoughts on “First Time Garden Adventures

  1. I’ve never had a garden either! I have no excuse though because I had worked in the floral industry for 8 years! šŸ™‚

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