PIFA Easter Egg Hunt

It’s that time of year again when the Easter bunny visits children (of all ages) around the world, showers them with chocolate and leaves his eggs for all to find.

Despite what you may think, the Easter Bunny is not a modern invention and has his roots in ancient folklore of many cultures. In many cultures the rabbit or hare is associated with the moon and/ or fertility lore, since the rabbit and hare were seen as the most fertile animals. In correlation with spring, the represent new life and beginnings. Continue reading “PIFA Easter Egg Hunt”

PIFA chef welcome

Guest chef, Eric Brujan. Photo courtesy of PIFA

In Philadelphia, we love food and one of the exciting new developments over the past few years is the City of Brotherly Love’s graduation from being known for just cheese steaks and soft pretzels (the best in the nation) to a credible source of fine dining and talented chefs.

During PIFA attention turns to inspiration from Paris and a tribute to the City of Lights wouldn’t be complete without a dedication to a part of culture that delights all of our five senses – food. PIFA’s Culinary Component will highlight the culinary collaboration, creativity and innovation that is scheduled to heat up PIFA from April 13 – May 1. Continue reading “PIFA chef welcome”

PIFA Couture

I’m sure by now, you are starting to get excited about all the events to come to Philly in the PIFA take over that commences on April 7. Not only will these amazing events last for three weeks, but the opening weekend is one you won’t want to miss.

In my last post dedicated to PIFA, I introduced you to Drexel’s Brave New World of Fashion. Continuing with the wonderful topic of fashion, April 8 provides you the opportunity to experience the only night of PIFA Couture, a Paris-inspired runway show in the Kimmel Center’s Commonwealth Plaza. Continue reading “PIFA Couture”

Special Events

I’m sure you may have noticed that every now and then, I’ll do special events coverage as well as share my musings on books, food and booze. Generally, these will focus on events happening in Philadelphia, since that is where I live right now. Not only do I focus on the events, but the food, drink and entertainment you can find at them. Current events: Philadelphia International Flower Show 2012 Past events: – WAWA! Welcome America Festival: The annual July 4th celebration that lasts for 11 days in the City of Brotherly Love. You should join us next year! – … Continue reading Special Events

Paris ’til Sunday

The last weekend of PIFA is here. Can you believe it went by so quickly? But you know there’s going to be a great line up. You will be able to enjoy the innovation and collaboration of PIFA artists the entire weekend, especially in AAMP’s Paris ’til Sunday event from April 29 – May 1. As part of its 35th Anniversary, AAMP returns to its roots, composing a weekend of legendary and emerging jazz artists tied into this year’s PIFA theme. Continue reading “Paris ’til Sunday”