Blurred lights

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

One of my favorite parts of the winter season are all of the tree lights that decorate the city, and light up the night. The following were all taken outside of the Comcast Center with my iPone 5S.       Advertisements

Vegetable pizza topping

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge focuses on layers. I present you the many layers of pizza. Advertisements

fall trees

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Today, I really struggled trying to figure out what I was going to write about, and while at work, I didn’t really have time to give it much more thought than “I don’t know what to write about.” So, when I got home and saw the daily prompt from BlogHer and the Daily Post, I…

chicken roll cut open

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

What a year it has been! Officially, I have run this blog as you know it today for one year and three months. In that time, I have shared over 40 recipes with you all. What started out as an interest in making more than what comes in a box (the result of thinking I…

Volcano exhibit

Weekly photo challenge: Distorted

My photo’s this week are inspired by the Philadelphia International Flower, which just opened its doors yesterday, on March 4. This year’s theme is Hawai’i: Islands of Aloha (feel free to browse my site for more info and photos) and the exhibits I have seen so far are absolutely amazing. The two photos here are…

Philly mounted Police

Weekly photo challenge: ready

Walking through Rittenhouse Square, I noticed two police officers on horseback. It turns out that Philadelphia reinstated the Mounted Police Unit in 2011, after it was disbanded in 2004. I was a little surprised to see them at first, but if I were a police officer, I would definitely want to be in the Mounted…


Weekly photo challenge: hope

I recently brought home my first orchid. They’re such beautiful plants and I am looking forward to watching it grow. A few of the flowers had already bloomed, but there were two buds that were still closed. Over the past few days, I watched as one of them finally opened. These photos represent the hope…


Weekly photo challenge: simple

This may seem like an odd combination of photos, but I simply could not choose which one to highlight. Advertisements


Weekly photo challenge: peaceful

When I’m traveling, I love to take photos from the airplane, both during take off (if I’m not already sleeping) and landing. It’s always interesting to capture the view of cities and the countryside from above, since it’s not an angle that most of us get to see on a daily basis. The clouds and…


Weekly photo challenge: winter

Winter is finally waking up in the city of Philadelphia and the temperature reflects that. While it did snow last night, it was only a flurry and didn’t stick. The last time we had a real sign of winter was on Halloween, when it uncharacteristically snowed. For now, the only visible signs of winter are…