Recreate restaurant week at home

Restaurant weeks, don’t you love them? I know I do. Philly is especially known (at least among the locals) for its restaurant weeks. This past September was Center City Restaurant Week and there will be another one Jan. 22 – 27 and Jan. 29 – Feb. 3, 2012. It is a wonderful time when you can enjoy wonderful deals on 3-course meals at the best restaurants in Philly. Usually lunch is $20 and dinner is $35. University City also celebrates food with Dining Days.

Alas, not everyone is able to make it out to these wonderful weeks of the year. Your work schedule might not allow it, money might be tight or you might not live in Philly (a great reason to make a trip to this City of Brotherly Love). Continue reading “Recreate restaurant week at home”

October is here – let’s celebrate

It’s Friday and the first weekend in October. That means it’s time to celebrate. You can celebrate the coming of fall, the start of a new month, the beginning of NLDS (go Phillies) or just the fact that it’s the weekend. I can promise you there are plenty of opportunities for celebration that involve drinks, food and fun. Continue reading “October is here – let’s celebrate”

Malternatively speaking – if you don’t drink beer

There are those days when all you want to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a nice cold bottle of…? Now normally, that sentence is finished with one word: beer. But how do you finish that sentence when you have never developed a taste for beer – no matter how many fruity or specialized flavors that beer-lovers claim don’t taste like beer at all? Guess what, they all taste like beer.

So what to do when you just don’t feel like having a cocktail, mixed drink or even wine? I know, you might be wondering how this could ever happen (believe me, it’s rare), but sometimes you just want a cold, refreshing drink that comes in a bottle. Especially now, since we’re back to football.

Well, with a little research it turns out that we can choose from hard ciders, mead and malternatives. Continue reading “Malternatively speaking – if you don’t drink beer”

>Oktoberfest 2010

> There are only three days left until Munich’s official Oktoberfest (Sept. 17 – Oct. 04) begins with the tapping of the first beer barrel at noon on September 18. Oktoberfest lovers will be glad to hear that the celebration of beer is actually extended by two days this year. On September 17, visitors will be treated to reconstruction of Oktoberfest as it was celebrated in past centuries. Originally, the fest celebrated the marriage Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. It has now evolved into a celebration of the drink that Germany is well known for … Continue reading >Oktoberfest 2010