Where should we travel to next?

For the past couple months, I have featured (mostly) recipes from different countries, and so far we’ve been to Mexico and Morocco (well, kind of). This is a new project I started to highlight flavors from around the world, and honestly, to give my content some focus and consistency.

around the world

As July is coming to a close, it’s time to decide where we will go for August. And I’d love to hear from you – my readers! Continue reading “Where should we travel to next?”

The beautiful world of gingerbread houses

Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed making gingerbread houses. They are a wonderful part of the holiday season and can be beautiful to look at as well as tempting to eat. Actually, saying that kind of reminds me of Hansel and Gretel.

I remember making my first variations with graham crackers and a  milk carton that I decorated with as much candy as possible. Over the years (and helping my mom), the level of gingerbread architecture increased. But, I have never created a master piece as the ones I recently saw on display in the Shops at Liberty Place. The following buildings (house is no longer an appropriate description of what you’re about to see) are modeled after Fairmount Park Historic Sites and are created by local pastry chefs. They will be on display through Nov. 30.

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One night with Les Nubians

“Music is every moment of our lives” Hélène Faussart – Les Nubians “Our music is a bridge where people can meet, dance, love and create…” Célia Faussart – Les Nubians Yes, you read right. You only get one night (4/21) with the inventive and glamorous Afropean sounds of Les Nubians. This French/ Cameroonian, Grammy® Nominated sister duo is known for their distinctive and unique sound that embodies the vibrations of Miriam Makeba, Ella Fitzgerald, Doudou N’diaye Rose, Fela Kuti, Edith Piaf, The Fugees, and Soul II Soul. Part of the acclaimed Red Hot & Riot Collective, Les Nubians blaze the … Continue reading One night with Les Nubians

Free to be

What does it mean to be free? You might include the freedom of expression and ability to pursue aspects of life that make you happy and allow you to contribute to society. At times, when you enjoy such a concept of freedom it can be easy to forget many people have had to fight and struggle so that we can live the lives we do.

The fact is that not all aspects of history are documented and told to the masses. Leaving stories untold can often lead to a one-sided view of history. However, there are people dedicated to learning about and telling those untold stories. During the rest of PIFA (we’re in the seventh day of the takeover) and through September 4, 2011, the African American Museum in Philadelphia will explore the unique experiences of African Americans who lived and created art in Paris. Continue reading “Free to be”