>Traveling Alone

>Have you ever traveled by yourself to a place you really wanted to visit? Some might think it weird to travel alone, just as they might think it weird to go out to dinner or to the movies by yourself. I know of people who have traveled by themselves and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They were able to experience things and meet other people they may not have had they traveled with friends or family. You may ask why would people travel alone. It may simply be the fact that no one else wants to go to the same … Continue reading >Traveling Alone

>Why do you travel?

>After a short break, I’m back to explore the world of travel even further and will open with the question of why you travel. That is the ultimate question. There is no doubt that travel is enjoyable. It gives us the time to get away from ins and out of daily life and to experience a whole new world. But what is your actual goal for traveling? I have nothing against relaxing on a beautiful beach that can be considered paradise, but there is more to traveling than taking all you can get for your money. While you are taking … Continue reading >Why do you travel?

>The right luggage

> An important part of traveling is choosing the type of luggage that suits your trip, you and your budget. With the plethora of luggage types available it can be a daunting task (as is any shopping trip) to choose the right one if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Personally, my favorite is the Samsonite Spinner. These pieces have four wheels instead of the regular two and allow for easier transport. However, traveling over cobblestone or through snow is not the easiest. Second in ine to the spinners would have to be duffel bags, which I feel allow … Continue reading >The right luggage

>Latino Heritage Month in Philly

> September and October are great months to be in Philadelphia (actually any month is) because they mark the celebration of Latino Heritage Month. This is a chance to get acquainted with, closer to and to celebrate the Latino culture; a celebration that can then be continued throughout the year. There are parades, shows, art, dancing and much more as is detailed in Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month en Filadelfia. Do you know what’s happening in your area to celebrate Latinos this month? Also, don’t forget to check out the blog BeingLatino for coverage of everything Latino. Safe travels. Continue reading >Latino Heritage Month in Philly

>Autumn travel

> In many parts of the world summer is ending and the weather is getting cooler. This is one sign that fall is upon us or just around the corner. It is a time of change that expresses itself in an explosion of color, mostly red, orange and yellow. What better time to take a road trip to experience the way your country or the world changes. You could take walk around your city park, a drive to your state park and pair that with a refreshing hike or cross state lines to compare how nature changes across the country. … Continue reading >Autumn travel

>Exciting trips: surf and yoga

> Have you ever come across a trip that sounds absolutely amazing and makes you want to leave immediately and start having a great time? While this is generally true about all travel for me, I am especially excited about Holly Beck’s Suave Dulce – Women’s Surf & Yoga Retreat. The week-long retreat includes surfing, yoga, food and many other activities in Nicaragua. I’ve always wanted to surf and this seems like a great opportunity. A similar trip is also offered in Tofino, British Colombia. What trips or places are you excited to explore? Safe Travels. Continue reading >Exciting trips: surf and yoga

>Philly Restaurant Week

> It’s that time of year when restaurants open up their doors for amazing deals during Center City District Restaurant Week. From September 12-17 and 19-24 participating restaurants will offer three-course lunches for $20 and three-course dinners for $35. Many places also offer great happy hour deals, so take advantage and discover what the Philly restaurant scene has to offer. I definitely plan on going to a couple restaurants and will share my experiences. If you go, please feel free to share yours. Happy eating and safe travels. Continue reading >Philly Restaurant Week

>Alternate Travel: home exchange

> One step up from couch surfing is a concept called Home Exchange. In existence since 1992, it provides travelers the opportunity to stay in members’ houses during their vacation. Just as in the movie “The Holiday” (the website was featured in it) two travelers exchange their homes at the same time, saving them money on hotels. Advantages highlighted on the site are: living like a local, meeting neighbors, being able to cook for yourself, connections with exchange partners can evolve into life long friendships and many more. While site membership is $9.95/ month for an annual unlimited membership or … Continue reading >Alternate Travel: home exchange

>Travel Don’ts: not speaking the language

> Photo Nicolle Morales Kern How easy would it be if you could travel and not worry about expressing yourself in another language? If the prospect of creating new sounds and words doesn’t appeal to you, then maybe travel is not for you. That may sound harsh, but the whole point of traveling to a different country is to experience a new country and culture and this includes the language. A key aspect of understanding a culture is through language and if you expect tourists coming to the US to speak English, you should be willing to try at least … Continue reading >Travel Don’ts: not speaking the language

>Alternative Travel: Couch Surfing

> If hostels are not you’re desired method of travel but you still have a budget to stick to, another alternative is couch surfing. In 2009, I published an article that took an in depth look at what couch surfing involves. Basically, you register an account with the site that connects you to people around the world who are willing to let you stay on their couches during your stay in their city. In return, you let them (and others) sleep on your couch when they need it. While I have never engaged in couch surfing, friends who have traveled … Continue reading >Alternative Travel: Couch Surfing