>Getting Sick

> Something thing that really takes the fun out of traveling is getting sick, whether it’s a cold, a stomach virus or an upset stomach. But it’s easy to forget that it is just as easy to get sick while you’re at home. While I didn’t travel anywhere this past weekend, my bought of food poisoning this past weekend reminded me of my trip to Sharm El Sheikh in 2005.While I did manage to get my scuba license, the rest of my trip I was confined to my bed with what I thought was an upset stomach and later found … Continue reading >Getting Sick

>On Your Own Two Feet

>Whether you decide to book your trip with a travel company or go it on your own, the one thing I would highly recommend is checking out your destination of choice on foot. It is one of the easiest, cheapest and healthiest ways to learn about the place you’ve chosen to visit. Depending on where you go, you may stay in a hotel that offers trips and packages and while it is nice to go on these, nothing beats exploring on your own (with a little help from locals). What I would suggest is contacting people (family, friends, Facebook even) … Continue reading >On Your Own Two Feet

>Back to Traveling

>Do you love to travel? I certainly do and while this blog has veered off topic for a while, I thought it was time to get back into its original purpose…and that is all things related to travel. Stay tuned for posts relating to modes of travel, locations, cool events and more. If you know of anything I should be talking about please let me know. I find this quote fitting: “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” ~St. Augustine Safe travels, wherever you may go Continue reading >Back to Traveling

>The Future of Journalism (Final Paper)

>Journalism as it has been practiced over the past few decades is evolving into a field that employs multiple technological venues in order to reach its audience. Contrary to what people may believe journalism is not dying or being replaced by other media forms. The need for news and a desire to understand what is happening in the world is a basic instinct. News had traveled for the longest time by newspaper, when paper boys used to cry “Read all about it” on street corners. The radio enhanced news dissemination by also being paired with music and today there is … Continue reading >The Future of Journalism (Final Paper)

>Not For Everyone

>Imagine a U.S. where cheap airfare, provided by smaller carriers, could co-exist with major carriers just like they do in Europe. One example is RyanAir, which provides low-cost flights between airports located near (but sometimes out of the way of) major European cities. Most flights are between one and three hours long. Could it be possible to continuously provide affordable airfare in the U.S.?At first, seeing the article about JetAmerica made me excited for a new possibility of travel that would not hurt my already stretched wallet. However, once I went through the motions of booking a flight the total … Continue reading >Not For Everyone

>Jetting Cheap?

>by Nicolle Morales Kern JetAmerica Airlines is a new company that plans on providing affordable travel to and from mid-sized cities that larger airlines may have neglected. Starting July 13, the Clearwater, Fla.-based company will be offering flights to and from Newark, NJ; Toledo, Ohio; South Bend, Ind.; Melbourne, Fla.; Newark, N.J.; Minneapolis and Lansing, Mich. With prices starting at $9 for select seats and ranging to $199. Passengers will also have to pay for checking a bag ($15-$20 per bag) as well as in flight snacks or entertainment. To fly with bicycles, pets, sports equipment or surf board costs … Continue reading >Jetting Cheap?

>Open Your Eyes and Mind

>“Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.” These are the words of President Abraham Lincoln. When did we stop caring about our fellow Americans? Why are we so blind to things that do not “directly” affect our lives? To think that the work of the military has not or does not affect our lives directly is a big misconception. The military is an integral part of our society and it always has been. You may not always agree with the reason that we were/ are in the wars we are, but the soldiers fighting these … Continue reading >Open Your Eyes and Mind

>Where Will the Memories Go? (Story2)

> Story and Photos by Nicolle Morales Kern No flags are flying to indicate something special, the media is only talking about the first weekend of summer, and all of the stores are offering sales. On Drexel’s campus excitement is in the air, because students and staff alike are looking forward to the long weekend. To an outsider, this could be just any other weekend, but it is not. Monday is May 25, also known as Memorial Day, and the reason that the entire United States gets to enjoy an extended weekend. Memorial Day dates back to May 5, 1868 … Continue reading >Where Will the Memories Go? (Story2)

>Coronas and Lime

>Coronas, margaritas, sombreros…oh my!This past Tuesday, May 5, the advertisements for Cinco de Mayo parties could be found in newspapers, online and on the radio. Some celebrations don’t even kick off until this weekend. As with St. Patrick’s Day, the U.S. has quickly adopted Cinco de Mayo as an unofficial holiday and many revel in the drink specials that bars offer in honor of the day.Without a doubt, the ever-growing diversification of the U.S. opens up new worlds and cultures. Cinco de Mayo should pique people’s interest in the meaning of the celebration and the significance it has for Mexicans. … Continue reading >Coronas and Lime